So you want to grow weed in Australia legally? As of right now you can!

Enterprising Aussies can now apply for government authorisation to legally grow cannabis.

Thanks to the passing of the ‘Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016’, which changed the status of Marijuana from a ‘banned’ substance to a ‘controlled’ substance. Australian businesses are now able to apply for a licence to ‘cultivate cannabis’, ‘manufacture cannabis products’ or ‘conduct cannabis related research’. Albeit for medical purposes only.

Its worth noting that these licenses will be strictly regulated and businesses will need to meet a long list of requirements. Applicants for the cultivation of Marijuana will be required to prove that they will be supplying either a licensed medicinal cannabis product manufacturer or licensed researcher.

The physical location of the crop will also undergo scrutiny via an assessment of the properties security. Personnel within applying companies will also be screened for previous criminal activity and will be required to undergo ‘fit and proper person testing’. It will also be up to the individual state and territory governments to decide who can actually use the final product.

If you are still keen to get involved despite the regulatory red tape. Allow me to crush your pipe dreams. You’ll be unlikely to compete with the likes of the mega rich well established companies vying for a slice of Australia’s dope cake.  Now go forth and become a multimillionaire weed farmer.

You’ll find the application form here:

Department of Health – Office of Drug Control

Here is the full Amendment Bill for some late night reading:

Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016