Chilean customs have intercepted a concealment of 101 MDMA pills sent from Holland, bound for Vina Del Mar, Chile. While 101 pills is not a massive number (by drug bust standards). It’s the design and print of the ecstasy pills that warrants attention.

The pills are printed in the shape of those little yellow mischievous minions. They have a two tone colour with a yellow front and blue back. What’s unique about these pills is that instead of just printing a minion icon on a round pill (like a lazy drug lord). The manufacturer has actually printed the entire pill in a minion shape. It’s safe to assume that whoever made these pills has high level resources at hand to be able to fabricate such a pill press.


‘Despicable E’ – 101 high quality ‘Minion’ style ecstasy pills seized in Chile

If I can be so bold as to offer some creative feedback to the drug lord behind this venture; Splitting the two colors top and bottom would have resulted in a far better reproduction of a minion (yellow head, blue clothes).

Also, a quantity as specific as 101 pills should obviously feature Disney dalmatians.

Of course, I’m just nitpicking.

mdma minion pills siezed

Sent from Holland these minion ecstasy pills were intercepted by Chilean customs hidden in a crayon playset.