Police raided the Fulham Correctional Centre (Victoria, Australia) today and seized a total of 28 Cannabis/Marijuana plants ‘hidden’ in an inmate operated green house that was apparently also used for growing vegetables.

Police were tipped off by corrections officers after the cannabis plants were discovered growing amongst comparatively boring edible plants in the centre’s indoor vegetable garden. No arrests have been made. However questions are being asked of the privately run facilities operators ‘GEO Group Australia’. Mostly things like “How much for an ounce?” and “Got any papers?”

The GEO Group Australia says the plants were uncovered by correctional officers during a routine inspection. Though it’s debatable just how ‘routine’ these inspections were considering the plants had ample time to grow unnoticed.

I personally would have thought a prison green house would be an obvious place for correctional officers to search for contraband on a regular basis. Although todays seizure would suggest otherwise.

I wonder how many other less popular and less recognisable (to law enforcement) psychoactive plants could still be grown undetected in a prison garden. Sneaking seeds of any variety into a prison would not be a challenge. I love the idea of allowing inmates to get their gardening groove on. But surely the temptation for inmates to use the garden for alternative harvests is inevitable.

This is criminal rehabilitation at its finest..

  1. Go to jail as a small time criminal.
  2. Receive an education in cannabis cultivation.
  3. Depart jail as a fully qualified drug lord.
Inmates grow cannabis

This image is for illustrative purposes only (not the actual weed in the Aussie prison)